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Can I purchase extra seat covers?

Mini Beanz offers you full flexibility on seating options from the luxury of soft velvet to spongy sandwich fabric. This allows you to interchange covers with our Newborn+ Collection Bean Bags.

Now you can:
- Change the look of the bag if a new baby comes along saving you money
- Extend the life of your Bean Bag when one gets over-used.
- Have another cover on hand when the other is being washed.

Are the seat covers waterproof?

All Mini Beanz Newborn and Toddlers covers come with a waterproof backing, so when your little ones have an accident your Base Bag remains dry at all times.

What is the size of  Mini Beanz Bean Bag - Newborn+ Collection?

Once filled the Newborn Collection Bean Bags are L76 x W56 x H20 . Yes they larger than most standard baby bean bags!

What extra features does the Mini Beanz Bean Bag include?

Mini Beanz Bean Bags come with an a large side pocket to keep things within an arms reach. Things like a bottle, soother, teething ring or soft toy can all easily fit. We all know how upset our little ones can get when we misplace their favourite items! Mini Beanz Bean Bags also have a useful carry handle to move your beloved Mini Beanz when and where you choose.

What age is the Toddler+ Collection suitable for?

Mini Beanz have created a range of Bean Bags Suitable for Toddlers (1+years) and Children (approx 10-20kgs).

What age is the Teen+ Collection suitable for?

Mini Beanz has created a range of Bean Bags Suitable for Teens (approx 30+ kgs).


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