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Can I put my baby to sleep on Mini Beanz bean Bags?

Mini Beanz strongly advises that no baby should ever be left unsupervised on any bean bag or be put to sleep/nap on the bean bag. A firm flat surface such as a cot or bassinet is best to put your Baby to sleep as recommended.

How does the Newborn+ Collection Help Prevent Reflux?

Mini Beanz suggests to elevate your baby during and after feeding as this may assist in reducing reflux. Reflux is aggravated when lying flat as is makes is way back up into the from the gut. 

TIP: You can manipulate the beans in the bag towards the back of your baby to help elevate your baby into more of an upright position.

How does the Newborn+ Collection Help Prevent Flathead?

Mini Beanz Bean Bags contain micro-beans which mould and shape around your baby’s head creating head support with no added pressure reducing the risk of your baby getting a flat head. Pressure caused by firmer surfaces such as the floor / play mat, cot etc can cause flattening on your babies soft and fragile skull.

 Mini Beanz Safety Warnings and Recommendations:

- Never leave any child on the bean bag unattended. Always use adult supervision when a baby/child is  
  placed on any bean bag.
- Discard all packaging and safely store paper clips once bean bag filling is complete.
- Ensure all safety zippers are fastened securely using a paper clip, then safely store away.
The zipper tab on the bean bag has been purposely removed to prevent accidental opening of the bag by

- Small lightweight beans fill the bag and present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.
- Do not use/store the bean bag near an open fire or any form of heat.
- Do not use sharp objects/toys near the bean bag that could puncture the base/cover or inner bag.
- Do not use on any elevated or unstable surface. Always use the bean bag in a secure location on the

- Do not use the carry handle whilst the bean bag is in use.
- Bean Bags are not a toy.
- Mini Beanz products are packaged immediately after manufacture. If any odor is present once opening
  your package, place product in a well-ventilated area for a short time to air.

- Regularly check your bean bag for any signs of general wear and tear and if any damage appears do not
  use the bean bag.
- Children can suffocate if bean bag filling is swallowed or inhaled.
- Do not let children climb inside the bean bag.
- A bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 months of age.
- Do not place bean bag near an open fire.

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